Gemini male dating libra female

I am a Libra man, and have an enormous crush on a Gemini lady.We have had very limited chance to talk since her life is quite bogged down at this moment.We have one child together and he spoils us rotten I LOVE MY Libra MAN!!!!!only a Gemini women can balance a Libra man :) I am a Gemini woman and met a Libra man about a month ago.He even checked me about my faults and I listened because of the way he would tell me.He talks to me as if he really cares and is really trying to look out for me and yes I can't help but encourage him and compliment him every chance I get. It was a little weird the first time but after that it was so good.The conversations, the sex, the adventures..of it ever stops and I never want it to.Ive found the perfect mate-we really do balance each other out perfectly.

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And since then, our conversations are always lengthy.

I have just met a Libra man although we have not yet met face to face we have been introduced via friends. We give each other space but we also love being together. Its true, Gemini have kinda like ' mood swing', and most of the time, he managed to control my emotion and craziness. Because I couldn't find anybody like him who can stand and understand me the way he did. something came up in between and we couldn't end up all of this with marriage. is he coming back or am I waiting for something in vain? I am a proud Gemini female 06/20/72 and I have met my soulmate, my Libra King 10/02/72!

All I can say after reading the comments and through my personal experience, Libra is the most compatibility partner for Gemini. My ex boyfriend he can understand me very well even without any words from me. There is this passion between us and I can only dream of how that would be taken to its full extent. if I could choose how to exhale my last breath, it would be while looking into her beautiful eyes. I am a Gemini woman June 1st recently started dating Libra male oct 8...after the first time we slept together he started avoiding me even though he claims he did not.

We were quick to say I love you to each other so I am glad I read the article as we need to slow it down a bit. Communication is always fun, fast and furious and he's very likely to be a keeper! Like the woman who wrote her message which is really weird because we have so much in common, we are so in love even though it's a big age difference, but we both feel like we are each others soul mates. Ive found the perfect mate-we really do balance each other out perfectly.

I haven't experienced this level of communication and openness before so it's a breath of fresh air. I'm a Libra man and I had a relationship with a Gemini woman. wheee :) Im a Gemini lady, dating my Libra man now for almost three years.

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