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But then, if you’ve got Channing Tatum’s dance moves, you are a GOD and you have no business reading this.

[Read: Top 15 habits that women hate in men] Things men do that turn women on Women can be the most selfless beings on earth when they love someone, even to their detriment.

After all, a suit won’t do you good if you’re going to be spending a day at the beach or on a boat at sea.Keep your teeth clean, and your breath on the fresh side, and your smile will go a long way. There’s something about a guy who can pull off a nice suit.Take, for example, and his blog, and you’re bound to find out about his exploits with women. A man who can pull off a t-shirt and shorts and still look dashing in it is just as hot as a guy in a suit.The way a guy’s trousers hug his butt, his washboard abs, or perhaps the way he kisses so passionately that we are left wanting after just a few seconds.However, there are a world of traits that makes her hot for you, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re hunky Johnny Bravo, or willowy Dr.

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