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K7 management services are available both for artists signed to the label and those who release music elsewhere. Drawing on 30 years of music industry experience and knowledge of the global music market, ! K7 offers credible and informed guidance to artists. Current clients are Tricky, Mykki Blanco, Luca D’Alberto, Martyn Heyne, Niklas Paschburg, Bad Breeding, DJ Tennis and Bwana. K7 to offer management clients an added amount of attention on a daily level, and the company’s international structure, with offices in New York, London & Berlin, affords a deep understanding of global markets and enables ! Watch the new video for “Kingdom Come,” comprised of public domain images of Egyptian art, below. compilation last year, yet many hard facts about Onyeabor’s biography remain elusive. But the music, as typified by up an front raw recording style, a razor sharp rhythm section, and the prominent baritone saxophone work, is immediately recognizable as a Souljazz creation.

But I don’t want to tell you what it is because we’re still pitching it. I would drink on camera, and my guests have to drink on camera. I took advantage of the liquor, and I was drunk by the time we finished.

“With this in mind, I approached all my nearest and dearest for some tailor made exclusive tracks.

The result is hopefully a mix that rekindles the thing I loved about listening to mixes 20 years ago – that unknown aspect where each new track is a surprise.

Below is a list of 37 women comedians — some giants, some veterans, some buzzed-about up-and-comers — whom we asked a few simple questions: Would you want to host a late-night show (if it were to be your only career focus)? Mindy Kaling (: "A woman should have one, for sure. Something neutral." Retta (@unfo RETTAble) "I’ve actually taken meetings about hosting a late-night talk show.

But so much of the dynamic of shows like that is like, 'I'm a young actress,' and if you don't want to fuck that young actress, then why are you talking to her? I don’t know that what we know as a late-night talk show is what I want.

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    Last night, in front of a bunch of my Jackass buddies, my closest friends, my dad, and my sister… I planned that for more than six months, and I’m so happy— I can’t wait for you all to see it…

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    6 train at the 23rd Street station in Manhattan on December 1.