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(notified under document C(2014) 3571) Text with EEA relevance 2014/944/EU: Commission Decision of 11 June 2014 on State aid SA.26818 (C 20/10) (ex N 536/08 & NN 32/10) granted by Italy to the Stretto airport anagement company SO. Contrary to the recipient's contention, the Commission points out, first of all, that Italy has not in the course of the investigation argued that the State invested in the airport manager in the expectation that it would be profitable, and has in fact maintained that the market economy investor principle is not applicable in the present case (see paragraph 49). With regard to distortion of competition, Italy points out that according to the 2005 aviation guidelines, ‘funding granted to small regional airports (category D) is unlikely to distort competition or affect trade to an extent contrary to the common interest’. The Italian authorities provided the information requested by letter of 30 April 2012. At the time the Region of Calabria owned 50 % of the shares in the company, the remainder being held by the Municipality of Reggio Calabria, the Province of Reggio Calabria, the Province of Messina, the Municipality of Messina, Reggio Calabria Chamber of Commerce and Messina Chamber of Commerce. Although the airport manager had recorded losses, it could fairly be presumed that the activity would yield a return.

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By letter dated 20 July 2010, the Commission informed Italy that it had decided to initiate the formal investigation procedure laid down in Article 108(2) of the TFEU in respect of the aid to SO. The Commission received no other comments from interested parties. The Region challenged the ruling of the Court on the ground that the measure constituted State aid and consequently should not be implemented until the Commission had adopted an authorising decision. The Commission therefore considers that it cannot be concluded that the public financing at issue was determined on the basis of the costs of an efficient undertaking.Iyon bang buong buhay mo pinangarap mo na sana sya na nga at sana kayo na forever. Pinipilit mong intindihin pero hindi maabot ng tamang pag iisip mo, kung bakit hindi pwede maging kayo. So learn to LET GO & choose carefully which you want to stay.Masakit , oo sobrang sakit , kung baga sa kanta “ Sinaktan mo ang puso ko Ngayon ako’y naghihingalo Mauubusan na ‘ko ng dugo Sinaktan mo ang puso ko At marami pang kanta na sumikat dahil sa heartaches. Because like the sand, only those which in the center of our palm will last.. 81[/url] [url= Page for the Nginx HTTP Server on EPEL 161[/url] ikubnxkrsd tid=216388&pid=223735#pid223735 dycwgqhabm [url= riley ?????

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