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Pozner Some material in this book has been adapted from the previously published articles by the author: "Evil Dead: Feminist bloggers bring the hammer down on Top Model necrophilia," Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture magazine, Issue no. "Triumph of the Shill, Part 1: Product Placement Runs Amok in Movies about Product Placement Run Amok," Issue 23, Winter 2004, and "Triumph of the Shill, Part 2: Reality TV Lets Marketers Write the Script," Issue 24, Spring 2004, both Bitch magazine. Television provides us with pictures of the world, of our world, and the knowledge that most of these pictures are fictional does not immunize us from believing in them."The Unreal World: Why women on 'reality TV have to be hot, desperate and dumb," Ms. Published by Seal Press A Member of the Perseus Books Group 1700 Fourth Street Berkeley, California All rights reserved. The beliefs we form become part of the context within which we understand who we are.TV can still be a guilty pleasure, but that doesn't mean it can't also be an informed one." —ANDI ZEISLER, Editorial Director, Bitch Media "A landmark study of one of the most misunderstood, vitally important aspects of popular culture.Mixing superb extensive research with crystal clear writing (and a scathing wit), Jennifer Pozner demonstrates not only the entirely fabri­cated nature of so-called 'reality' television, but illustrates how its gender, racial, and class narratives are deeply reactionary.For simplicity's sake I often use the present tense, even when referring to shows that aren't still on the air. And through it all, slurs like "bitch," "beaver," and "whore" are tossed around as if they're any other nouns. Meet Fox exec Mike Darnell, who The Washington Post suggests "may be the most influential man working in television." The phrase "shit-eating grin" could have been coined for this once-disgraced, now-embraced king of bottom-feeder real­ity TV schlock.For a listing of the debut year and original network for each series analyzed in this book, see . Back before we all succumbed to American idolatry, reality television wasn't a prime-time-dominating genre with its own Emmy category—it was simply one low-rated, unscripted MTV soap opera called The Real World.

From concrete examples of destruc­tive messages in specific programs, to media literacy activity ideas, to a thorough resource guide, it offers an evidence-based analysis of reality TV without demonizing its audiences for watching. ................................133 Class Anxiety, Hyperconsumerism, and Mockery of the Poor CHAPTER FIVE Erasing Ethnicity, Encoding Bigotry.........................161 Race, Pre- and Post-Flavor of Love CHAPTER SIX Gt-hetto Bitches, China Dolls, and Cha Cha Divas......196 Race, Beauty, and the Tyranny of Tyra Banks CHAPTER. Abusive Princes...........................212 Violence against Women as Glamorous, Romantic Reality CHAPTER EIGHT "I Would Be a Servant to Him"...................................239 New Millennium, Same Old Backlash CHAPTER NINE The "World According to Cover Cxirl...........................273 Advertiser Ideology Goes 3-D CHAPTER TEN Fun with Media Literacy!

Readers who are new to the topic will come away with a clear understanding pop culture politics. I feel like they're trying to sell me something." And for Elizabeth Martinez (age six), who observed the announcement of the Emmy Awards nominees for writing and asked, "So, is this the mens writing awards?

Those more familiar with the subject will find updated examples and deep analysis. " If we were all as engaged, aware, and critical media consumers as these kids are, I wouldn't have had to write this book!

That this would be the most controversial show ever!

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