Dating only on weekends

or would you be ever be tempter to cheat during the week??????

i mean i dont think he would, but id like aguys opinion do u think u can have a proper relationship seein each other only at weekends??? How a relationship works is whatever works for both parties. No relationship will last unless both parties want it to.

I hesitate to say ‘play hard to get,’ but everyone’s time is valuable and guys need to earn it.”Jocelyn, a graduate student who lives in East Williamsburg, refuses to go on first dates on the weekend.

“If I got asked out I would probably be embarrassed if I didn’t already have plans.” Kevin, a 20-something engineer, agrees.

In the days before swiping right on a stranger led to a relationship, first dates were reserved for the weekends.

Sorry, but there’s no contract being signed that ties you in to giving up some booty for a couple of glasses of wine,” Jill joked.Dan, a realtor who lives in Union Square, rarely goes on first dates on the weekend but says, “If there is a reasonable expectation of sex, I may devote a night.But my policy is that if there is an opportunity to hit the town with the fellas, I generally opt for that, as opposed to a date.“ is a social no-no—as in you shouldn’t be giving up those nights for just anyone,” Anna said, explaining her roommates described it as “social suicide.” In the future, she said, “I wouldn’t mind giving up a nights.“It’s close enough to the weekend in that I’m not consumed with work, but still considered a week night, which makes things less formal and stressful,” she said.

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