The loft glasgow speed dating

During Sam's turn in the loft, she promised to do a lap dance for Anthony but began by undoing his jeans. Kemal appeared shocked when Roberto stroked his leg.

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Make it something positive, like running a 5K for charity. Sign up to volunteer, dating websites, or offer to walk a friend’s dog once a week.

Adjustments to your home are a tangible symbol of change: paint a wall a new colour; move your furniture around; buy new cushions for the sofa. If you’re feeling really down, you might not want to burden anyone with your misery, but trust me: good friends like to be burdened.

Byline: By Nicola Methven THE housemates forgot their fights to steam up Big Brother's love loft in a saucy speed-dating task.

Lovebirds Maxwell and Saskia finally got to kiss - after she ate sweets off his body.

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