Cbs rejects gay dating site ad

Unfortunately, what I feel are news worthy stores and items are often being filtered out and the viewers or readers must go to Englands BBC or other resources in order to view or read them! Am sick of gays trying to force their way of life onto everyone from in the soaps to commercials.To determine who is man and who is woman, check who has a penis and who has a womb. They have the right to choose which body bits they want to share but I do nto want my child confused!Standing up against abnormal desires and acts does not mean that we do not love others. Very amusing ,that ads containing the right wing religious ideals on decreasing abortions are not filtered out; however, ads containing acceptance of homosexuality are filtered out!Do you not correct your child because you love them? Most are good Americans and good people, just like any other group. Every network seems to lean either to the right or left. Actually, CBS is considered the most liberal network.And if you are denying it I’m sure we’d all like to know the reasoning behind that decision.

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Are you denying Man Crunch the right to buy the airtime or is there really not any airtime left?

Presently the more conservative mode of thinking (anti-abortion,gun ownership,etc.,etc.)is on the IN list.

On the out list is pro choice,gay marriage, etc.,etc. For the last several decades they have done more to be noticed than almost any other group.

In the ad for Man, two men watching the game reach into the chip bowl at the same time, then look into each other’s eyes — awkwardly at first — before kissing passionately.

At this point, with less than a week to go before the game, CBS is claiming that it still both needs to review the ad (how much time does it take to review a 30-second ad?

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