Updating nvidia bios

Even today, there are sometimes performance gains to be had when swapping between BIOSes for different card models.

AMD was able to resolve this issue within days with an updated driver, but pushing the card to higher clock speeds could easily make the problem reappear.

The Gigabyte Aorus we tested had a 1425MHz clock speed, but it looks like Gigabyte pushed the envelope a little harder than anyone else.

Here’s how our RX 480 (AMD reference) compared against the RX 580 in aggregate, across all games and in just DX12/Vulkan games.

The first sign of a problem could easily be a dead monitor and the delicious scent of eau de burning PCB.

This problem shouldn’t affect custom board designs from AIB vendors, but the first wave of RX 480s were based on AMD’s own reference board.

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