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I have just acquired a 2001 bottle of Hypnotic Poison.

I don't get why designer brands n e v e r listen to their customers.

I really loved this vanilla, coconut and almond perfume from the start, but I find the fragrance not suitable for any other time than wintertime. A really unique fragrance that always drew lots of wonderful comments and compliments.

Maybe this is just me, but when the temperature rises I just can not wear this anymore. and I had to resell it to make space for some other beauties A legendary scent. The 2018 HP (which I also have) is still lovely but it lacks the depth of the early formula, not to mention I find the longevity and sillage embarrassingly poor. More expensive but you need a lot less to carry the scent, so pound for pound it may well work out cheaper in the long run. Usually, I'm attracted to perfumes who are intense and strong but this one is so soft and sensual it reminds me of the ''pillowtalk'' stage. I finally convinced myself to get the pricey little bottle of this beauty. Years ago I tried the recent HP and really disliked it. Jammy vanilla plum, pudding, I don't even know what else is in here but it's deep, a bit fruity and a tiny bit smokey. I've seriously fallen head over heels and want to roll around in blankets doused in this warm and deep scent. Honestly, I thought everything about changing the original formula was false, actually I was hoping it`s not true, so I purchased the EDT version for around 50 euros.

Like the absolute best quality gourmand couture Almond Joy.

The woody, floral (especially jasmine), plummy and caraway seed notes come out more after the dark chocolate candy bar opening (which on this cold winter day lasted about 5-7 minutes.) There is also a minty note present (imagine a dark chocolate mint) and since mint is not listed in the notes, I'm not sure what might be causing it.

I've heard that when perfumes meld with your skin chemistry they tend to soften so you can't smell them. NOW I Have a few Vintage Bottles of the edt, Also her sisters Eau SENSUELLE And the EDP.... First hours are lovely, best perfume experience ever. Now I checked the scent there, and it felt weird, not that same strong bright vanilla. Then the other notes come in and blend everything together. The oil content and projection in this is through the roof, especially for an EDT.

I'm not sure how true this is, but the base is a lot like my own natural scent, so perhaps it is so. I Love her in All Her Incarnations, Play-Do And ALL!! But when hours pass, vanilla fades weaker, and there appears also a scent of pepper. I'm sure about the matta-surfaced dark red very familiar edt-bottle, no mistake done by me. I have not ever smelled the previos formulations..I cannot compare. I somehow,don't find this an OVER sweet fragrance...??? Seriously though, if you don't like vanilla----Stay away.

However, I don't think you could go wrong with the old or new; both are pretty substantial.

I’ve never got the strong performance everyone talks about - this is warm and fuzzy on me... If I use more it becomes thick and awful and people around me have a hard time to breath. Poison gets sheer and airy in a beautiful way and I love to be wrapped in it. I am getting a "dry" vanilla,which I love in scents. My most sincere review for this powerhouse must be considered as an outlier because it literally repels me so i’m keeping them for me. but the truth is on my skin, all I get is play-doh, and 0 vanilla, almond or marzipan.

I often spray my jumper night before wearing it and its perfect projection when bodyheat awakes H. I have gone ahead and ordered Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle as well !!! But hands down everyone, this perfume is definitely a persona on its own, sometimes it even wears you on instead. I didn't like the smell of play-doh as a child, and I don't like it now. I love HP dry down vanilla, coconut and almond...there is no Gourmand dry down in the industry better than this one at least for me. In America there is a candy bar made by Hershey called Almond Joy.

I have been analysing its followers quite a time and for my taste it suits blondes and women with dry skin better. I keep giving it a chance, 2, 3, 4, more times than I can recount. So, it seems it's no plasticine for me and no Hypnotic Poison either... My Problem are 2: 1) the saltiness and the spicy notes that I notice in the opening of the scent..make me unfortunately a little bit nauseous 2) it doesn´t last longer than 4 hours in my Skin..my god? But I know that I will repurchase it, because despite these 2 issues mentioned above, the vanilla-coconut-almond dry down enchanted me in a way... Almond Joy is probably 97% sugar, 1% coconut, 1% almond, and 1% milk chocolate.

I guess I'll have to stick to prisma-colors and almond oil... (I might be exaggerating a bit.) Now remove most of the sugar and replace the milk chocolate with a gourmet dark chocolate, and that's what Hypnotic Poison smells like to me.

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