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Meanwhile, one of our readers alerted us to an old unflattering report from the NY Post about the Countess.

See back in August 2008 (before our blog existed), the Post reported the Countess, along with her then husband the Count Alexandre de Lesseps, attended a wedding in the Hamptons and acted like a drunken mess in front of 200 guests.

While celebrating her engagement to D’Agostino, De Lesseps and the girls hung out on a yacht in the Palm Beach area, but cast member Bethenny Frankel had bad news as she ventured over from visiting a friend near Miami.

Lu Ann issued a statement back then calling her daughter’s actions “unacceptable.” Tuition at the private school is said to run upward of ,000 a year.Luann de Lesseps, now going by Luann D’Agostino (she will never be without her Extra D), wants everyone to know that she and Tom D’Agostino are completely in love and their marriage is very much closed – well except for the plethora of Real Housewives Of New York who can’t keep their noses out of what’s happening under Luann’s sheets!Dorinda Medley also agrees that it’s time to leave Tom and Luann be.On their initial meeting Thomas says:“Thomas wanted to do the honor on Valentine’s Day, but just couldn’t wait and gave Luann an 8-carat canary yellow diamond ring. I think it’s a yellow diamond and it’s decently large, and she called Page Six right after so, it’s a normal engagement! Luann is ‘over the moon’ in love with Thomas, considers him her soul mate and is so happy and grateful to have found love a second time.”Some people may say congrats to the Countess; however others are spilling dirt!

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