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When antibiotics were prescribed, the registration included the patients’ gender and age group, indication for the prescription, whether the drug was administered for purposes of treatment or prophylaxis, and the prescribing doctor’s specialty.

The registration also included whether antibiotics were administered against healthcare-associated infections – defined as infections that occurred two days or later after admission to hospital – or post-operative infections.

Reducing overconsumption and misuse of antibiotics, and the broad-spectrum types in particular, is crucial for limiting the prevalence of antibiotic-resistant microbes.

Broad-spectrum antibiotics accounted for 33 % of all prescriptions of antibiotics in the survey.

Altogether 84 % of the broad-spectrum antibiotics were administered as treatment, while 8 % were administered as prophylaxis and 8 % were classified as other/unknown.

We also wanted to assess whether this use complied with the guidelines, and whether there was potential for further reductions in antibiotic use.

We used data from the third nationwide mandatory prevalence survey.

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