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i've read somewhere an interview about Kim Rae Won about months ago when they were just filming Which Star and at that interview he said that ..feels really happy whenever Jung Ryeo-Won is by his side... and so if that rumour bout the rings are true..happy for them..Doo-Sik (Jo Jung-suk) gets paroled from prison thanks to his younger brother (Do Kyung-Soo) Doo-Young. When his only daughter becomes the prime suspect in her death, Tan-san hatches a risky plan to find the real killer and prove her innocence.I was honestly expecting a drama, but it was actually surprisingly delightful.

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Tae-jung, the part-time worker of a DVD room, hides drugs in room #7 in exchange for wiping off his debt.

Although some of them might be older than the others, they are still really good dramas which you will definitely enjoy watching. I have been watching Running Man since it started airing and it is the best variety show!

I am watching some of the newer ones which have just started airing a few weeks back and I will share my thoughts with you after I have finish watching them. I can definitely assure you that you will laugh a lot.

When he goes back to the room to retrieve the drugs but realizes that the door is completely locked down by his employer, who also has secretly hidden a dead body inside.

A dangerous battle of wits ensues between a man who must lock away the secret behind the door, and another, who must go inside.

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