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Learn why this is a reality as you read this article crafted in true Rev. "Hi, I'd like one baby boy with blue eyes, blond hair, and athletic ability on the side." Going through the drive-through to order your baby?That may seem far-fetched, but as Christians, we need to tread lightly when it comes to the topic of genetic engineering. Lamb carefully navigates through the final part in his series and grapples with the questions: HOw far is too far when it comes to genetic engineering?Your worth doesn't stem from the logo on your clothes, and Julie Beckwith tells you why. But she's not Lutheran, and she doesn't understand why she can't go to Communion with you. When Kathy agreed to meet up with friends for some food and fun after the football game, she figured it would just be another average party. Bet you never thought of Colonial America as a mission field but the Lutheran church certainly did. Peters will encourage the most timid among you to wrestle with the words of the hymns in your hearts, even if you don’t utter a sound.If you need a refresher course on the Lord's Supper or if you have a hard time discussing it with your friends, check out Pastor Beisel's questions and answers. But she never imagined the night would end up like it did. This cliffhanger shows how much one decision can change a person. Are they about you, or your neighbor, or Jesus, or Christians, or non-believers? Pastor Wolfmueller helps to sort out the confusion by pointing you back to your Savior. It sent Henry Melchior Muhlenberg to work with pastors in Pennsylvania on the cusp of the American Revolution, where he found himself stuck in the middle of a massive moral dilemma. You may discover that you want to sing in spite of yourself. Fisk zeroes in on today’s false notion of “spirituality.” Are you open-minded or close-minded?If church architecture and stained glass tickle your fancy, Pastor Vogts' article is for you. Swimmer Kyle Verage talks discipline, grace, and faith.Everyone who's someone in your class shops at H & M, and the popular kids say you have to get your jeans at Abercrombie. There are many benefits to learning Latin you may not realize. Daily prayer, personal devotion, and church attendance are hard work too. Have you stopped to wonder why we sing the Alleluia when we do in church? Pastor Roemke lays out the Divine Service in a few easy steps so that you can understand exactly what's going on on Sunday morning.The 29-year-old had been a member of the Pontiac police department for six years and was a veteran of the U.

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Nagel at the DTBL Divine Service at Concordia Seminary.

The mega-church down the street has cup holders, recliners, and an ATM in the lobby. Does the way your church looks affect how you worship?

Nowadays adoption is often in the spotlight because one celebrity or another has decided to adopt a child. Sheep are not known for being the smartest animals in the world, but they have a special place in God's Word.

Our Shepherd, Jesus, who cares for us, uses them many times in His parables and illustrations. Wilken expounds on one such instance, and in doing so, will make you revel in your sheephood.

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