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This interview was conducted by telephone and transcribed verbatim.[Lamont Lilly]: John, thanks for sitting down to talk with me. [John Potash]: I was introduced to Hip Hop as a senior in high school.I was interested in a lot of different kinds of music, but when I got into political rap, I was paying more attention.It was right after college and I was working as a drug counselor.On April 6, 2018, The United States Marine Corps says goodbye to its 37th Color Sergeant of The Marine Corps Sgt. This episode of Marine Time Machine explains the history of the colorguard and the billet of Color Sgt of the Marine Corps. Frazier has now taken on the role of official color bearer for the Marine Corps and takes the lead as the platoon sergeant of the color guard. The purpose of the two-day visit was to inform CENTCOM senior leadership on the capabilities and limitations of the F-35B platform before it enters the CENTCOM area of responsibility.But I also don’t know why all the left wing national magazines, which are all owned by whites, couldn’t see through the propaganda on Tupac. When I first met Kathleen Cleaver at the Black Panther Film Festival, she gave a hug and said that she had read my article on Tupac. Kathleen was explaining to me how this repression at the hands of COINTELPRO was intergenerational.

I don’t know why more independent and left wing journalists did not try to cover this issue better.Based on 12 years of intense research, it includes over 1,000 endnotes, an assortment of FBI documents and over 100 interviews.Potash’s most recent book Drugs As Weapons Against Us was published earlier this year in May 2015.I asked him do you think the FBI is targeting Tupac like they targeted his parents with the Counter Intelligence Program .Michael Warren who was his lawyer at the time, said yes, and no one is writing about it.

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