Scorpio women leo man dating

It would be best to set aside your pride and follow this piece of advice if you want the relationship to last.The nature of your signs is such that you make a terrific business team, but a relationship of the romantic kind may be difficult.

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Don't let your pride cause you to throw caution to the wind and act in a way that offends your Scorpio Man. Scorpios keep their promises and don't take vows or love lightly.However, Leo eventually wants a permanent relationship with the right lover.To attract a Scorpio, don't play games, be genuine and display independence.Although they can be full of fun, it's not a good idea to make them the brunt of a joke, or to try to play mind games with them; the Scorpio gaze can make you feel like he's staring directly into your soul in order to psychically extract the truth. Final Score: Leo Woman Scorpio Man compatibility = 70%.More Information: Please visit our Leo Relationship or Scorpio Relationship pages for more relationship and compatibility information.

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