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The majority of the production statewide is not well managed in respect to irrigation, soil fertility, and weed, insect and disease control. The female (pistillate) flower is a star-shaped terminal raceme (Figure 2).

Thus, the quantity and quality of the pecan crop is reduced. Staminate or male flowers appear to arise from the previous season’s wood, but in actuality are produced on short current season’s growth.

The value of the United States pecan industry has increased greatly because of increased demand from China and other emerging nations.

There is also substantial production in the midwestern and southwestern United States.

Pecan trees sometimes exist nearly as a pure stand.

Pecans also exist in the river bottomlands of Texas and northern Mexico.

Plant growth and development resemble a forest tree species rather than a domesticated crop.

Pecan nuts were derived from seedling pecan trees until about 150 years ago.

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