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'I don't like the way you look.' Coming from a supermodel, it hurts."To find out whether he took Klum up on her offer, you'll have to press play on the video above and tune in to the premiere.

The 44-year-old supermodel split from her boyfriend Vito Schnabel last September after three years together, and despite originally claiming she is on a break from dating, Heidi now revealed she is looking for love again." data-reactid="20"The 60-year-old comedian played 'Would You Rather' with the 'America's Got Talent' judge and showed two pictures of male celebrities and Heidi had to decided which one she liked the best." data-reactid="22"The 'Project Runway' star - who has sons Johan, 11, and Henry, 12, and daughters Lou, eight, and Leni, 13, with the singing star - explained: "It's never really easy, I guess, when you break up.

We're in an OK place," the 39-year-old mom of four said.

"He has a very unique choice of words, I'm used to them.

"I trust him, I trust him with my children's life.

He's a great man, and we just got to know each other from a completely different side." This isn't exactly a "relationship" relationship yet, though.

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"My oldest is 8, my youngest is turning 3, and I'm thinking about them.

But in all seriousness, a 16-year-old curating an art show? He and Klum reportedly share their interest in art, further erasing the age divide. His dad is Julian Schnabel, the filmmaker who directed Schnabel seems to have more refined tastes, and he likes to hook up with models and MILFs.

Most kids that age are drinking wine coolers they jacked from the basement of their parents' crib and being generally obnoxous to authority figures and anyone over the age of 30. In addition to Klum, he was linked to supermodel Elle Macpherson, as well as actress Liv Tyler and post-Ashton-Kutcher-era Demi Moore.

“Things have been difficult recently, they live on opposite coasts.

And it’s the start of a school year and Heidi has to concentrate on the kids.” Earlier this summer, Vito spoke out against photos of him kissing another woman, saying he and Heidi were “happier than ever.” Heidi and Vito began dating in 2014 after she and Seal filed for divorce.

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