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Geordie -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author: karens Date: 09/06/2005, am If you've eliminated Seattle b/c of weather, you should eliminate Portland for the same reason. I wouldn't relocate anywhere without checking out the area first.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author: Queenie Date: 09/06/2005, am Geordie, I am in an interracial marriage.

Best of luck and where ever you choose, try not to compare your new city to marvelous San Diego.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author: Pam SF Date: 09/06/2005, am Of all your picks, I'd suggest Sacramento.

Author: kbenbow Date: 09/06/2005, am Hi, I read through the other thread about the asian-white interracial couple relocating, and I am interested to see where else we might fit in.

We fit right in here in San Diego, but a 2 bdrm/bath house is about 0k.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author: Dorgal Date: 09/06/2005, am Brockton MA is very interracial and you wouldn't get a second look - actually the same could be said of Boston too.

For a more upscale town, but still a bargain compared to SD, try Milton, which borders the southern edge of Boston itself and has a minority population of about 25% as well as excellent access to transportation (public and highways) and brand-new schools.

The Asian/white couple thta my daughtre babysits for have never encountered problems (or "stares") and neither have their kids.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author: tivertonhouse Date: 09/06/2005, am Portsmouth, NH Portland, ME Northampton, MA Burlington, VT Boston/Metro and suburbs Providence, R. It's hardly inexpensive to live in New England, BUT the tolerance here for intolerance is pretty low.

The more university or coastal the town, the generally also the more sophisticated and liveable.

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