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Today, you will learn how to update individual packages and do a system-wide upgrade, all from within Webmin’s control panel.Just like installing and removing packages, Webmin will rely on your package manager (APT, Yum, etc.) to update or upgrade packages.Once you log in, the first screen you will see is the Webmin dashboard.

You can even have the system install the updates automatically.Anyway, sorry for being long winded and the rant, but it may help someone else hunting for how to upgrade Webmin. On Webmin/Upgrade Webmin it says me "Webmin and its modules are installed and upgraded via APT." I found this command for CLI: apt-get upgrade webmin But i want to do it the best way and not run into problems?Seems quite complex and unwieldy..this a bug, or is there something funky going on with my installations (I used the to install), or are all of these other Themes just written poorly...though some of them at least give the illusion of propriety..the "Virtualmin Framed Theme".One would expect to be able to upgrade Webmin while using that theme, at least...however no love.

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