Brooke hogan dating rapper

Immediately after the news broke out, celebs — including several famous You Tube stars — took to Twitter to comment on the tragedy.Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students — who survived their own horrific shooting on February 14 — also gave their two cents about the heartbreaking news.Hogan also slammed the rapper’s short height and his fortunes, saying that Brooke should be dating an eight-foot-tall millionaire.Hogan kept saying the N-word every time he spoke about Brooke’s then-boyfriend.Hogan is miffed with the blog web site for leaking this clip, as it had quite a bit of offensive statements from Hulk himself.

In this recorded clip, Hogan was also heard saying how he shouldn’t be there, but later on, the video showed him getting undressed and going ahead with it anyway.

At one point in the video, Hogan can be heard saying, “Can’t believe I should be at home now and I’m here,” which clearly shows that if it wasn’t for Heather’s seduction, Hogan likely wouldn’t have been there in the first place.

The video also showed Hogan exhausted in the act, as he says, “I’m out of breath.”This is the worst and most controversial part of it all, as Hulk Hogan is still being heavily criticized for being a racist.

As we reported, three people were reportedly wounded by gunfire when a female suspect allegedly targeted some kind of gathering at the You Tube headquarters in San Bruno, California.

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