Chelsea handler and chuy dating

Chelsea Handler: It’s all a bunch of true stories from my childhood.

There’s a lot more about my childhood, and a lot more about my family then the first book. There’s a couple dating stories that are pretty funny.

hostess and rapper were snapped lunching and walking in Malibu this weekend, marking the third time they’ve been photographed side-by-side.

The first time, they were seen sitting close together in a lounge. What’s going on with your relationship with Ted Harbert and when did you guys start dating? People who don’t want to be famous are much more interesting.

Is Bobby Flay getting Chelsea Handler all hot and bothered?

The newly divorced chef and the outspoken comedian were spotted having a cozy dinner for two at Blue Plate Oysterette in Santa Monica, Calif., on Wednesday night.

Chelsea Handler: Our show is set up a little differently then those shows because it is more improvisational on my part. We want it timely so that it’s all the entertainment news.” I said I would be happy to do that if I could make fun of everything that we care so much about. No one has ever made this connection and I don’t know what you’ll think about this, but it wasn’t lost on me that tabloid culture grew ten fold after 9/11. I’m wondering if maybe it’s some sort of escapism that everyone was craving afterwards. [9/11] was so devastating and you want to turn around and watch a cartoon. I need to think of something that’s light.” I totally understand that and I’m sure that it’s directly connected to why it’s gotten so out of hand.

In an interview, obviously you don’t know what somebody’s going to say, and in a roundtable [discussion] there are other people involved, so it’s not just me. We all come together in the morning and talk about what topics we want to talk about; who got a DUI, who got arrested, who did this or that and if it’s worth talking about. I think the field pieces that we do are probably more brainstormed and have more writing involved; if Chuy and I want to go trampolining or skydiving. No, on my first show I was hiring an assistant and I said, “Get me a little person,” ‘cause I love little people. Especially after I found out that he couldn’t add or spell. Before 9/11 we always had changed into a tabloid and then all of these other ones starting popping up and things just got way out of control. Chelsea Handler: I’ve heard something like that before and I think that’s absolutely right. For mental and emotional health, comedy is pretty important, because think about a world if we didn’t have that outlet. I love going to work everyday and making fun of stupid situations, so that brings me joy. Network] wanted elements of that show, but they wanted something we could give entertainment news on, and something that would be a comedy show where we would be talking about stuff that was [current day].

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