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This problem can often be attributed to a mismatched or incorrectly configured URL.Exchange Server 2013 allows you to set a URL for internal Exchange Offline Address Book access and a separate URL for external access.There are several things you should check: About the author: Brien Posey is an eight-time Microsoft MVP for his work with Windows Server, IIS, Exchange Server and file system storage technologies.

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In Cached Exchange Mode, Outlook 2007 & 2010 downloads a local copy of the Global Address List (GAL), but only updates it every 24 hours.Outlook then connects to the URL and downloads the Offline Address Book.Although this process sounds simple enough, its success depends on proper configuration.**Offline Address book data are saved first only on the Organization Mailbox** Then Once its got Updated it Serves the latest data to the Clients How to Force update the Offline Address book Additional Info – Type of Distribution used in Exchange 2013 Exchange 2013 Uses only One Type of Distribution –Web-Based Distribution 1 . After completing this tutorial you will have configured Microsoft Outlook to always reference the latest version of the global address book directly from the email server rather than referencing a downloaded local copy. After following these steps, you will only be able to access the global address book while Outlook is connected to the server.

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