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So while on the one hand, I believe Lysacek can identify however he fucking wants, his strategic dishonesty, if that’s in fact what’s happening here, disturbs me.

I’m concerned Lysacek — who as I understand it, has previously been assigned (and I believe actively embraced) a role as the great butch savior of the fagified sport of men’s figure skating — is complicit in, and perhaps actively supports, the homophobia, femiphobia, misogyny and gender policing currently on the rise in his sport. I’d argue it actually highlights some of my concerns with “gay identity” and its limitations.

Calling for fluid identities on the one hand and seeming to criticize Lysacek for not “coming out” on the other? I wondered — was Andrew on point, was I being a hypocrite? ” Andrew was poking fun at me because of my very vocal embrace of Queer politics and theory and reluctance to fully embrace the (socially constructed, historically specific) category of gay identity.However, Evan denied the rumors and mentioned she was only her close friends. On May 2016, she graduated from New York University.

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