Esoteric dating

We are halfway through our journey and the solar system as a whole is said to be at about this point also. Yet the deeper one studies this material, the more logical and reasonable do these durations seem.

The Seven Rootraces On each globe, seven rootraces are slated for unfoldment, providing the ‘physical body’ of incarnational experience for our Earth Logos.

Human souls from this perspective are the ‘light cells’ within this greater body.

Within each rootrace are seven subraces and within each subrace are seven branchraces, providing a myriad human expression down the ages.

These figures are however being pushed further back into hundreds of thousands or millions of years in some cases, which is very encouraging.

There are also excellent authors like Michael Cremo who are bridging from the ancient Vedic teachings to modern science, challenging many of the latter’s pre-conceptions.

Through the vast ages and cycles that saw humanity come into being, the first two and a half rootraces were etheric; the blueprint for future humanity was being gradually developed from its spiritual prototype.

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Introduction Worlds within Worlds The Seven Rootraces Individualisation in Lemuria Shamballa and South America The Atlantean Rootrace The Fifth Rootrace and Beyond Introduction The secret history of the world is revealed in many traditions, the durations of which far surpass the miniscule figures used in modern times. Throughout HPB’s works are scattered details of this ancient history – culled from the Vedas, Upanishads, the Zend Avesta, Old Testament and so forth.

Understanding how life realy comes into manifestation requires occult or esoteric knowledge plus that rare sixth sense/intuitive factor, also called buddhic (as in Buddha) awareness.

Hence life always emerges from the subtle and the unseen to the material or physical.

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