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Any loans listed in the Loans You Want to Consolidate section that are in a grace period will enter repayment immediately upon consolidation.

You will then lose the remaining portion of the grace period on those loans.

If you are self-employed, enter the name and address of your business. Item 10: Enter your work area code and telephone number.

If you are self-employed, enter the area code and telephone number of your business.

(This is the address to which you must send your payments.) You must provide at least the name, city, and state of the loan holder or servicer.

Item 15: Enter the account number for each loan (the number should be on your statement or in your payment book).

If you cannot find the account number, leave this item blank.

If you provide this information, processing of your Direct Consolidation Loan will be delayed until approximately 30-60 days before the end of your grace period, and your consolidation loan will not enter repayment until after your grace period ends.

If you leave Item 17 blank, processing of your consolidation loan will begin as soon as we receive your completed Note and any other required documents.

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