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Also they are for the most part set in different times and/or take original perspectives. on the other hand finds some rather flimsy excuses for nudity and sex.

Part of what is driving me to check out other works is to inspire my next work. Like above, I want to tell a story from Rachel’s perspective.

Like the others, I’m seriously questioning Ubisoft’s quality control with the PC version.

The most common complaints, besides crashes and graphic glitches, which is the norm for most PC games these days, is controlling your character.

Worse, driving a vehicle is seriously broken, as it does not use the mouse at all.The latest was the super hyped which released a PC version the same day the console versions came out.If you bought a console version, you are probably not reading this, you are probably enjoying the game.Tips: Two drinks are enough; Compliments are good; Don’t push the sexual interactions; Be careful with when she says “How about a kiss?” and you click on her lips before you realize it says “french kiss” and she kicks you out, like you knew that was going to happen (kiss her on the cheek instead).

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