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“Then I was in Vancouver for 10 years.” The reality of carrying a show on his (admittedly inexperienced) shoulders was much more than Welling ever could have anticipated. But what worked on the field, in retrospect, was exactly the wrong way to go about protecting himself on Smallville, Welling realized in retrospect.

But that mistake ended up informing his performance in an unexpected way.

Here, Welling plays Ryan, a dashing doctor whose girlfriend, Gabby (played by Teresa Palmer), moves next door to Travis (played by Benjamin Walker), a local veterinarian.

And this being a Nicholas Sparks story means there’s a love triangle — only, as the marketing material reveals, it’s Travis, and not Ryan, who is destined to be with Gabby.

Thank god Peter Roth [chief executive of Warner Bros.

Television, which produced Smallville] knew that and always championed in our favor. It was an incredibly unique experience.”But in 2011, it all came to an end.

So she's sort of pursuing him and he's backing off, which is different than it's usually been." Despite Clark's personality change, both Lana and her friend Chloe (Allison Mack) have a familiar pattern: each pining in her own way for Clark.'The character I play in this film is the opposite, he’s coming back from a career ending knee injury, and he feels like he’s in the best shape of his life, but there’s a younger faster guy, right there that might replace him so in some ways it’s the exact opposite of a situation Clark would find himself in.''He has such a calm energy and it was awesome working with him, I want to do it again. Over the course of its 10-year run, Smallville — The WB, and later The CW, drama about a young Clark Kent — produced more than 200 emotion- and action-packed episodes.“There was a lot of growing up I needed to do on that show. D., Heroes Reborn, Gotham, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil currently dominating the landscape.“It's a compliment,” Welling said, thinking about the extensive superhero offerings on TV now.Fortunately, Clark had no idea what the hell he was doing and I had no idea what the hell I was doing,” Welling said with a laugh. “I'm very proud of shows like Arrow [and] The Flash. They're able to ground these characters so that the viewer can relate on a human level to people who used to be only in two dimensions.” Just like Smallville did — and that was an important effort Welling and the producers insisted upon from day one.

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