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Indeed, virtually every study of casual sex that has examined alcohol has found that, sheds some light on these questions.

A research team headed by Jennifer Walsh analyzed alcohol use in almost 500 casual and 1400 romantic sexual intercourse events that happened to 300 college women on a monthly basis over a period of 12 months.

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Across various studies, the average number of drinks before hooking up ranges anywhere between 3 and 6 drinks, which, depending on your body mass and tolerance can mean anything from mild intoxication to being pretty wasted. Chatting up people you don’t know (or barely know) can be nerve-wrecking; transitioning from just nonsexual chatting to sexual making out can be even more awkward and laden with uncertainty.

When they do they over do it and put themselves in vulnerable situations that they regret later.

Although, some girls don't regret it, but instead brag about how many guys they hooked up with each semester.

Alcohol use was not very common during romantic sex: 20% of romantic encounters involved some drinking and only 5% involved heavy drinking (defined as four or more drinks).

Hookups, on the other hand, were a different story: Women drank during 53% of their hookups, and drank But not all hookups are created equal.

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