So instead of going to the restroom I went to my car and took off. I was starting to expand my distributorship and earning quite well.She texted me mins later and said where are you the card DECLINED! That was one of the best revenge I did to someone for false accusations on me. At the time I was dating a Latina (lets call her Q.) and had never dated a white girl before.Oddly enough I started getting more attention from women who before, would not even look at me.I am not really sure what they were expecting but when I flat out refused their advances they seemed very very shocked.” “I met this gold digger chic online talked to her for about a month.I responded back by saying that’s what you get for calling the police on me and giving out false reports on me for not having your way! Q was a chiropractors assistant and was roommates with Lindsey. 4 months later, I found myself being quite successful in sales and of course with uncles help I had made enough to branch out on my own with independent backers. I was surprised on a friday when i got a text form Lindsey – “Hey, wanna catch up” .Ever since I laid my eyes on Lindsey I wanted her really bad. Could have been 10 but she was a bit overweight- but I liked em just like that – creamy white and blonde with green eyes. I assumed Q had told her about my new cars,house and all other stuff – so i said sure whatever.


I gathered enough courage (this was when i just joined in as a partner in my uncles distributor business) and asked Lindsey out. First off I would never do that to Q, secondly do you really think I would date someone like you? She was like – I know we started out on the wrong foot but i really wanna be friends again.

Got EVERYTHING back, clothes, laptop, turned off internet/tv and got an order for her to repay everything.

She tossed out her old clothes, has no phone, no internet, no tv, no computer and is about to be evicted.

She started screaming at me demanding that I take her. As I pulled up in the parking lot and I again being a beta got out and opened the door for her, she refused to get out so instead she pulled out her flip phone and calls the police on me for me punching her in the face. So I called her up and apologized just faked my apologizes. I handed her a old old debit card of mine as told her the old password to it.

(Oh boy this is getting good) so I took her to Shoprite, I told her to get 2 baskets and fill both of the baskets with food and clothes anything she wanted. I told her that I had to go the restroom and that I’ll be right back.

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