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He was flying first class and sat in the lounge on his i Pad drinking a couple of beers.'The eyewitness added that a flight attendant kept Danny topped up during the journey.

Adding to the drama surrounding the break, the actor was also accused of being a diva on set.

Insiders also claim that the withdrawal will be 'a nightmare' for scriptwriters and producers due to the fact Mick is such a central character and storylines are plotted out months in advance. He said: 'I sometimes have a half at the end of the day in The Queen Vic, though they started putting TCP in the pumps to stop me drinking it!

With regard to the Mary Berry incident, Danny publicly apologised, saying: 'I [have] to behave myself. ' A year before, in an interview with Jonathan Ross he spoke once again about the Queen Vic, as he said: 'There are a couple of good pumps.

Danny, who previously admitted to drinking on set, first appeared as Mick - the landlord of the iconic Queen Vic pub in Walford - in December 2013, after which he became a show favourite.

Insiders report that the notorious hardman, who soared to fame in films including The Football Factory and The Business, has been forced to withdraw from filming.

However, a representative for the BBC has since refuted the claims to Mail Online, stating: 'There is absolutely no truth in any of these allegations.

Danny is always a consummate professional.'A source had claimed to the paper that the actor, who plays Mick Carter on the beloved soap, had 'ranted, raved and bragged' to his fellow employees, and spoken down to members of the crew.

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According to The Sun, friends expressed a deep worry for the actor, who is seemingly in self-destruct mode despite his rebooted career on the BBC's longest-running soap opera.

I wouldn’t advise anyone to accept an award off your head.'The east London born actor added: 'I really admire her and want to give her a cuddle. They tried to put non-alcoholic beer in there but it don't come out properly...

I love everything about her.' Afterwards, Mary joked: 'He was just a drunk chap. 'On a good day I slip over to the good pumps and have half a lager ...

He was presenting an award so he was tired as he had been at the venue since 6pm.'He was struggling to find the exit to get out as he was worried he was going to be mobbed by fans as there were queues everywhere and he just wanted to get to his car.

'The rest of the group were saying, "Just go, go now," before it gets any busier. 'Danny is one of the nicest people you can work with.

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