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One of the best ways a partner or friend can show they care for their INTJ is by giving them the freedom to think things through at their own pace.

INTJs see the truth about their situation, interactions, and partner much more clearly than most, functioning without the interference of rose-tinted glasses.

Problems that take place within an INTJ’s relationship require immediate attention and swift resolution.

These conversations also serve as the way in which an INTJ will test and strengthen the relationship with their partner.

It is important for an INTJ’s partner to meet this need, lest their INTJ become bored or dissatisfied.

, so the answer is likely “yes.” On the other hand, we can agree that comparing INTJ relationships to the more mundane variety is like comparing your home kitchen to Area 51.

And I hope you’ve already explored your kitchen and know its secrets well, or my comparison won‘t make any sense at all.

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