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In 2008, transgender identity or expression was added to a new unified discrimination code which came into force 1 January 2009.

Since 2002, the portal section of the Constitution bans discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation.

The status of existing partnerships remains unaltered, except that they can be changed to marriage status under the law if desired.

In 1987, in order to combat the spread of HIV, the Legislature passed a law against sex in gay saunas and against prostitution.With regard to foreign adoptions, the Ministry of Justice states: "As regards adoption from abroad, it is important that we are sensitive and aware that those countries with which Sweden cooperates often hold a different view on homosexual people and homosexual parenthood.Cooperation regarding intercountry adoptions must be based on trust.The former Social Democratic Government appointed a commission to investigate the possibilities of same-sex marriages in Sweden.In 2008, the Riksdag voted on a change in the law concerning marriages.

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