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Thankfully like we said they describe in detail everything about their fraudulent behavior in their Terms and Conditions page section 14.

This makes it very easy to backup our allegations with real evidence supported by what the website states in their own terms and conditions. may, at its discretion, cause or allow You to be contacted by one or more Online Envoys as a part of's Online Envoy™ feature.

This is how their elaborate scam works and it tricks thousands of male members into upgrading to a useless paid subscription to this phony dating service.

Once you combine this with the website's own admission of creating fake profiles (Online Envoys ) which they discuss in their terms and conditions page section 14 then it becomes quite evident that this website is not operating on the up and up.

Actually this website isn't even really a dating site, it's nothing but a fraud that appears to be a legitimate dating site.

You can take a look at the evidence below, we have included just 3 fake profiles that we found another in under 10 minutes with images found on other websites.

How many fake profiles are on Xxx is anybody's guess but this evidence just shows you that there are fake profiles on the site.

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