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If they do come to you to talk, let it be on their terms, and meet them with understanding, not judgment. Your child may be reluctant to share their experiences in fear of no one believing what they say.

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For example, instead of saying, “She is controlling” you could say, “I don’t like that she texts you to see where you are.” Remember that there still may be love in the relationship — respect your child’s feelings.Some of these signs include: As a parent, your instinct is to help your child in whatever way you can.This need to help can drive you to quickly react, but sometimes what feels like the right plan of action could stop the conversation before it begins.If you force the decision, they may be tempted to return to their abusive partner because of unresolved feelings.Also, leaving is the most dangerous time for victims.

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    When verbal and emotional violence are included, percentages are much higher.

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