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Green Anarchist magazine publicised the communique with the demands from the ELF: All our peat bogs must be preserved in their entirety, for the sake of the plants, the animals and our national heritage. The water table will drop, and the bogs will dry out and die, unless it is preserved fully. In the September–October 1993 issue of the Earth First!

Journal, an anonymous article announced the creation of the ELF in England.

Earth liberationists, are a diverse group of individuals with a variety of different ideologies and theories.

We'll miss being home to millions of wonderfully weird and original videos, creators, and fans.As Elves usually do, they claimed that burning down the house was non-violent, because it was searched for any living creatures; an issue which is much debated within the environmental movement.Some of the most common and notable attacks are against the development of multimillion-dollar houses, a frequent target in the ELF campaign.The Elves, as they were also known, targeted Fisons, a peat company accused of destroying the peat bogs causing £50,000–70,000 worth of damage.Pumps, trucks and other machinery belonging to the company were destroyed after legal campaigners, Friends of the Earth, spent two years advocating a boycott of the company.

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