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I’m not particularly fussy about where to move, and I have been looking at many cities.However, I can’t afford to fly in for interviews or relocate on my own.Yeah, for an entry-level position in those fields with those degrees for someone without much work experience, the chances of relocation assistance are low.It doesn’t mean it’s impossible, but it’s going to be a long shot.In most cases, you get relocation if you have an in-demand skill set that the company really wants or as you move up the ranks and become more senior.

” Say it in an upbeat, friendly way — like you’re helping them out by letting them know, not like you are about to file suit against them. well, you really don’t want to take a job where they bristle at you politely reminding them of their legal obligations.

Sadly, signing bonuses aren’t super typical for entry-level roles in these fields either, although if they decide they really want you, you might be able to negotiate it as part of the offer. moves can be done on the cheap, especially right after college when you haven’t accumulated a ton of stuff yet.

(They can be done on the cheap after that too, but it generally involves jettisoning far more possessions.) It’s not a terrible idea to work locally for a year and save up for a move, but if you really don’t want to do that, know that you can probably move for a lot less than ,000! How to talk salary with California’s new law against asking for salary history I’m sure you know that on January first, a new law went into effect that prevents employers in California from inquiring about your salary history, and (this second part is muddy for me) they also must post the salary range for their open position.

Unfortunately, due to health problems in the family, my mom won’t be able to contribute, and she’s always insisted I focus on studying rather than working due to my heavy course load and the internships I’ve had.

I am going to graduate in August with a double degree in Literature and Political Science, minors in Spanish and Communications, and a certificate in Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

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