24 year old pop star dating child model aged 12

According to the complaint, Jones reportedly told her what to wear, how to dance, and how to adjust the camera “so I can see you from head to toe.”The other alleged victim reportedly sent Jones videos via Facebook, and at his request, she repeatedly gave her age, which is 14.videos of them twerking." data-reactid="27"In May 2015, Jones was accused of lying about his age in order to get young girls to send him videos of them twerking.“I’m embarrassed.I’d have conversations online with girls that would involve me asking them to create a video of themselves twerking.“The relationship is moving fast, but they’re definitely still in the hot-and-heavy stage, kissing and touching all the time and for all to see,” says an insider.Apparently their 20 year age difference – Thomas is 41, Renee is just 21 – hasn’t been an issue.So it looks like they gave it a good shot, maybe for the sake of their daughter Harlow, nearly 7.That’s why this news of Jane’s latest relationship just rubs me the wrong way.

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From Mop: I’m going to try asking you guys a question: let’s say all day your child went out with make-up like this, what would you do? Certain things are reserved for certain ages in one’s life.Jones, 24, allegedly instructed two young female fans around 14 years old to send him sexually explicit videos of themselves.The suburban singer appeared Tuesday in a Chicago federal court and said he understood the charges.I owe that to my family, my friends, my fans, but most importantly to me.”A bond hearing has been set for Wednesday; however, prosecutors say they’ll oppose his release. Arquette and Jane had a rocky relationship, and first filed for divorce in early 2009, after which they reconciled for a while.

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