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It seems that his heart pitch worked perfectly to win her over as she accepted his lovely proposal on Thanksgiving while they spent time with his family.

The Ohio proposal truly perked up Lindsay's lavish wings because she said, 'I do': It's great that Lindsay Ellingson and Sean Clayton are engaged! We think this wedding will be spectacular and we hope the couple makes their love last forever.

Daley confirmed their engagement this week via his Instagram account.

According to People, the pair had an outdoor interfaith ceremony at a friend's estate in Encino, California.

She basically gave the whole thing away to the public by showing up on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show screening red carpet wearing a big rock. Lindsay Ellingson and Sean Clayton's average celebrity relationship lasts less than one year.

Their only celebrity relationship is with each other.

Altman was the fittest and fastest runner in the club, which was why he was approached by Takei, who asked Altman to be his trainer.

Their relationship grew from the running club and the two became romantically involved, although they kept their relationship a secret for almost two decades before coming out of the closet.

Nate Berkus took his time and basically popped the proverbial question and... Although Nate was travelling with his lover for work, that didn't stop him for throwing in a whole lot of fun and play in the mix.Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent‘s family is growing.The couple announced on Instagram Wednesday that they’re expecting their second child via surrogate.They have inspired million of regular people who has been struggling with their identity to accept themselves.Former "Family Ties" star Meredith Baxter, left, reportedly tied the knot with girlfriend Nancy Locke in December 2013.

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