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Before we consider the origin and evolution of the planets we must first discuss the nature and origin of the basic material of which they are composed---the elements.

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Nonetheless, our solar system and Earth take on great importance to our understanding of the universe because they were produced by the same processes that formed other stars and planets.As a by-product of these reactions, energy is released (the life-sustaining heat and light we receive from the Sun) and various other particles are produced (gamma rays, electrons, neutrons, and even hydrogen or helium nuclei).Hydrogen (H) may "burn" to produce helium (He, with two protons) but only at temperatures that exceed 10 million K (Figure 2.2).The number of protons helps to determine the distinctive chemical and physical properties of the atom (Figure 2.1).The protons reside in a central nucleus surrounded by orbiting electrons (small, negatively charged particles with almost negligible masses).

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