Blackberry applications updating storm2

To download Beyond 411 OTA, go to your mobile browser. If you aren't a Facebook user, then you obvisouly don't need this application (but if you're like my sister you may install it and stem a new addiction! The Facebook App for Blackberry makes some of the common Facebook tasks (sending messages, writing on a wall, viewing status updates etc.) much easier.The application essentially "intercepts" any Facebook emails coming to your device, and notifies you as such through the application.If you are a Facebook user this one is definitely a must have. id=2254487659 Perhaps one of the most popular 3rd party apps is Bee Jive's Jive Talk.Jive Talk integrates all your IM clients (AIM, GTalk, Yahoo!You will most likely seek out the free ones first (yes there are many great apps you don't even have to pay for) and then if you have the need, you will look for the best paid applications to suit your needs.

The main feature which you should expect to get the most use out of is the Yellow Pages more → It's not the perfect Storm, but it's pretty close.RIM's Sure Press technology is far better than before, and the increase in RAM makes for a noticeably smoother user experience.To some this one is a tough sell since for most carriers you can download the individual IM applications for free, but if you are a heavy IM user and need to have all your clients in one organzied place, then Jive Talk is the way to go.A Device License is avaiable for .99 which allows use for only one device.

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