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In 2014, at 25, her older sister Peaches was also found dead. It's a warm afternoon in London when we meet and her living room curtains are drawn; the effect is cosy, rather than bleak.The funeral took place in the same church in Kent where Peaches had been married, where her parents had also married, and where her mother was buried. Pixie's white chihuahua Buster moults joyfully on the sofa and a Townes Van Zandt record plays in the next room. On her right forearm in wide ornate script is the phrase, ''What will survive of us is love"; she is having removed.The 29-year-old said: It has made me ­re-evaluate my life and what I am doing with it.It makes me stop and think." Peaches sadly passed away in April and Nick immediately cancelled plans to attend Coachella Music Festival to be home in London."When you're trying to build who you are as a person and the Daily Mail are telling you you're something else, it's quite ... At a point it gets to you, when you realise you're walking into adulthood being seen as a person who really doesn't exist." How was she seen? "But I was focused on music from 18, and I didn't want to be a 'slashy' (model/musician). It sounds like 'her'." The two see each other daily - yesterday she helped him assemble his new bed; they spent the evening watching Bake Off, her boyfriend in the armchair, Grimshaw spooning Pixie on the sofa.God knows I'm still avoiding it.'' Pixie doesn't like "fame", she says. It was his dad who gave her a nickname that stuck, complaining Nick was "running around town after that Pepsi Geldof". "Can't blame him, his confusion at those stupid Geldof names." And it was Nick who worked hard to distract her from the horror of Peaches' death, settling in to watch the Kardashians in the days before the funeral, feeding her pizza.

The avid tweeter chose not to discuss the tragedy online.

But Grimmers insists that although he has enough celeb pals to create his own Oscar selfie, he doesn't like the fame attached to his wild lifestyle.

Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw has opened up on how the death of his close friend Peaches Geldof has changed him.

"But I watch soaps, and I get it's the same thing - people like to follow a storyline. I'm doing something that is real and it would be a shame if people just thought it was because I was famous. That was what she needed, she says, pointing to the spot on the sofa where she had sat, while her friends streamed in and out, "talking about nonsense.

It's more in spite of that, to be honest." When she invited Grimshaw to listen to her album for the first time, he tells me over the phone, he drove to meet her feeling, "very stressed. I live for annoying girl chat." Even in those gaping moments of grief, she wanted her friends to tell her about the guys who hadn't texted, the parties, the hangovers?

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