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Yes, there is generous family leave and free daycare for all. And there are way more men in Folke and Rickne’s sample of political and business leaders; only about a third of political candidates are female, and fewer than 16 percent of CEO aspirants are women.Folke and Rickne still find that women in their sample take the lion’s share of parental leave.Des amis lui présentent Sean, l'homme à marier ; quand il se rend compte qu'elle ne cherche pas à s'engager, il se tourne vers Charlotte.Un collège de Miranda, la présente à une lesbienne à l'occasion d'un match de baseball et elles sont invitées ensemble au dîner de son Carrie et Big continuent à se croiser lors d'événements mondains, ce qui les amène à essayer de s'organiser une sortie.The single word had a large effect on student responses—but only for single women.The women who received the public treatment reported a desired salary of, on average, about 2,000, compared to 0,000 for the private treatment.

Nonsingle women reported identical salary goals and willingness to travel in each treatment.

(Men reported slightly lower salary goals and slightly higher willingness to travel when they thought the information might be fodder for class discussion.) Given the distinct effect of public exposure on single (rather than attached) women, the authors interpret their findings as the result of a desire to appear marriage-ready in the eyes of their male classmates.

As the study’s authors put it, “single women avoid actions that could help their career when these have negative marriage market consequences.” In Sweden, the research team of Olle Folke and Johanna Rickne (themselves a couple) have convincingly shown that female career progression is harmful to marriages there.

A parliamentarian, for example, will need to spend more time in the country’s capital, potentially far from home.

Perhaps, for example, a woman might make a run at a parliamentary job precisely effect of taking a high-powered political job, the paper compares the divorce rates of national politicians who barely win a seat in parliament versus those who just miss getting elected.

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