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Whilst he was in gaol, bail refused, he was approached by a man who passed on information about him to a person known as 'Bill'Bill told a man named Curut, who phoned the applicant at work, then subsequently met him.He persuaded the applicant to pass on information to him about the bank's male clients.Attempt export prohibited export (ecstasy - 324.8 grams); export further quantity of ecstasy (18.8 grams).7*y with NPP of 4*y.The applicant's co-offender had been under police surveillance for some time.BEARD, Stephen - CCA, 7.12.99Citation: R v Beard [1999] NSWCCA 392Sentence appeal.Corruptly receive benefit as an inducement for providing confidential information. The appellant was employed as a subpoena clerk in the records & administration department of a bank.

VAN DEN AKKER, Brigette Anne - CCA, Citation: R v Van Den Akker [1999] NSWCCA 426Sentence appeal.Appeal based upon parity with a co-offender whose sentence had been reduced by an earlier decision of the CCA.Held: some adjustment justified by reason of parity.Curut's role was to pretend he was the client of the bank on each occasion on which money was withdrawn.Parity - substandard investigation by police - initial statement not signed by applicant - state of health - coercion into commission of offence. GUPTA, Yateender Kumar - CCA, 2.12.99Citation: R v Gupta [1999] NSWCCA 384Sentence appeal.7 x knowingly make a report which was false in a material particular (s.15 Financial Transaction Reports Act 1998 (Cth)). Applicant was an accounts manager & later Company Secretary.

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