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Your rapist knowing the tiniest bit of information about you, your life, or anyone in it, is a huge obstacle you are up against in an acquaintance rape and a marital rape.In the 5 months it took to get to end the judicial process, I lost about 90% of the people in my life (not an exaggeration); from my best friends to acquaintances.Even though the company I worked for knew what he did, they kept him hired on and I had to quit my job.It was no longer the job that I knew, day in and day out, for over six years.To wake up one day, as an adult, and realize that you are no longer in the driver seat of your life and have no control over your capability to perform normal every day tasks, is not only a foreign reality but frightening one.Instead, you are now someone who is unable to simply walk into work, clock in for 8 hours, perform your tasks, and clock out; all because it takes everything you have, to keep up with your body's natural reaction to trauma and to process all that is different in you, and your life. You have absolutely no way of forecasting when you will be back to "normal", nor do you realize at the time that your concept of normal is outdated because you will never be the same.In the time it takes to run to a Burger King drive-through and back, he had broken into my home, where most of us feel safest, and changed my life forever.

Lord knows, if any of these women realized that I wasn't to blame and didn't bring it on myself, then it would be a random act and that would mean it could happen to them!

Some immediately took a rapist's side and some already ran from their own issues in life, so there was no way they wanted to face something as raw and intense as this.

Turns out women can be your biggest enemy and you have to watch out for women jurors; so much for girl power.

These women, along with other coworkers of both sexes, would hold weekly "I hate Kathleen" meetings to plot how they were going to take me down in court.

So, everything around me, people, and the judicial process, became about discrediting me.

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