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Titanic rages do not come easily to most Canadians and are not recommended under any circumstances.In the lowlands, feel free to share the positive emotions. In the highlands, uniform politeness is recommended.The next issue to be avoided is political opinions and issues related to human rights.They are highly sensitive to some people, and is hard to judge which person could be offended or alerted by such views.The main topic to be avoided is the drug traffic problem and the stereotypes associated with it.A minuscule proportion of the population is involved in drug trafficking, and all Colombians are very sensitive to the issue.

In the lowland, men use guayabera shirts and slacks (or chinos).Because more senior people may postpone or change the date of meetings, it’s wise to re-confirm with their secretaries just before meeting time.The most regarded qualities are education and past position within the corporate ladder, especially with expats.A five-minute delay is usually acceptable, however, being on time is always well perceived.In social situations, punctuality is less important, and a delay of half and hour to an hour is not considered impolite.

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