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Statistics Canada specifically uses the term "East Indian" to refer to people from post-partition India.

Indo-Canadians are significantly more likely than the Canadian average to have a university degree, and most Indians in Canada are socio-economically middle class and affluent.

The environment is completely supportive of everyone's individual needs and emotions.

What we do: We take part in MONTHLY group activities that foster friendship amongst our members to better service their social needs.

Some examples may be getting together for casual dinners, desi and english movies, dancing, picnics, camping etc. We encourage anyone who is either on the verge of divorce or separation, or even thinking about it, to please come and meet others who have faced the same tough decisions.

All members of this group are expected to promptly honour any request from another member with regards to making contact via personal messages, phone calls or in person meetings, in a mature, responsible and graceful manner and act accordingly.The highest concentrations of Indo-Canadians are found in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia, followed by growing communities in Alberta and Quebec as well, with the majority of them being foreign-born.There may have been encounters between South Asians and First Nations peoples in the sixteenth century along the Atlantic coast of present-day Canada.The first definitive encounters between the First Nations and other aboriginal peoples of present-day Canada and South Asia, began in the eighteenth century, when British traders engaged in the fur trade arrived along the Pacific coast of Northwest America.These encounters involved the arrival of Lascars on ships from Bombay, Calcutta and Macau.

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