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With Gretchen Rossi back on Real Housewives of Orange County at some point this season, she has a lot to share to ahead of her appearance.

Gretchen and her forever sidekick, Slade Smiley, went on The Tomorrow Show to discuss Slade’s job situation (claiming he’s ALWAYS had a job) and to share why they are certain that Eddie Judge is gay.

“I did come and film 1 episode for Vicki’s party and– because Vicki and I are legit good friends now. But let me just tell you if I was coming back to out Eddie, that would have happened a long time ago.”On why Gretchen and Slade haven’t married yet: “Well here’s the thing, Slade and I don’t necessarily do things small.

I mean who knows we might just tomorrow go and decide we’re gonna elope but we don’t normally do things small.

And she’s trying really hard to keep the lid on it.

But I know that the network loves that kind of stuff.

And I looked at him [Slade Smiley] and I was like I’m going to wake up and have cancer from this show…I felt like I was losing my own self integrity through the show because you just have to kinda become this other person then, then what you really are in your real life in order to stay involved in it.”She says that we will only see her on one episode this season.

“But when I went through IVF, I gained 10 pounds within three weeks and I’ve never really done that before in my life.

I got cellulite in places that I’ve never had cellulite before and it was just really hard on me because when you go through that with your body and there’s nothing to show for it in the end, it was a lot more draining on me than I had anticipated.” Despite the physical and emotional aftermath of her first round with IVF, Rossi is ready to try again.

It surprised me the story that I heard in that moment because I hadn’t heard that story before, and I was like, ‘wow, like that’s pretty, pretty interesting.'”Slade adds, “The truth is, is that nobody cares whether Eddie is gay, isn’t gay.

I think what people care about is that Tamra could potentially be lying about it, and she’s manufacturing, you know, in our opinion, she’s manufacturing a relationship for television.”Gretchen asserts that we would feel the same way if we knew what she heard.

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