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The plot follows two unlicensed Swedish private investigators trying to make a living in Los Angeles.It premiered on September 2, 2016 via Swedish online streaming service Viaplay as its first original production.After becoming detective partners, Ingmar takes his new colleague Axel to a shooting range where they encounter Ingmar's enemy and founder of the best investigating company in Los Angeles, Jane Mc Kinney (Traci Lords).

They went to a Seattle Mariners baseball game together on the evening of April 8, and Lyne was reported missing the next day.Stormare confirmed he wrote the part of Jane Mc Kinney with Lords in mind: "I had never met her, but whenever I saw her in a photo or anything, I just felt a connection to that face.And then she had written a book that is fantastic, about her survival, and how that girl survived is a miracle.Meanwhile, the "dicks" are hired by a blindman Jeff to find out if his wife is having an affair.Axel is introduced to Ingmar's daughter Sarah (Felisha Cooper).

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    Jiayuan and Baihe, China’s most popular dating sites, had around 126 million and 85 million registered users in 2015 respectively (Tinder had about 50 million active users in 2014).