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After spending his youth in the relative middle class, he gained admission to the University of Toronto where he graduated with a double degree in political science and English.

He began his business career as a film producer and director before joining Logiquest selling IBM mainframe emulation boards.

Another influential episode in his youth came when Herjavec's mother was persuaded by a travelling salesman to buy a vacuum cleaner for 0, which was seven weeks' salary.

As a result, Herjavec swore his family would never be taken advantage of again.

Alexander and Maria Pia have twin sons born in 1958, a second pair of twins being born during the marriage five years later: Alexander and Maria Pia divorced in 1967, and in 2003 she married Prince Michel of Bourbon-Parma, himself divorced from Princess Yolande de Broglie-Revel.

On 2 November 1973, Alexander married in a civil ceremony in Paris Princess Barbara of Liechtenstein (b.

I had only one problem; I was late for the meeting with Tatiana. I think, that lady was shy a little, but it was normal, because she didn`t know me.

His father who used to walk to work to save money on bus fare, came home, and when he heard what his son described, instructed his son never to complain, which became a guiding principle in Herjavec's life, one which he says sparked his sense of perseverance.

9 July 1942), a cousin of Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein and also a first cousin of his consort, Princess Marie.

On Prince Alexander and Princess Barbara got married in the Orthodox faith in Oplenac, St. They have one son: The Prince wished to serve in the British Royal Air Force during World War Two, but was initially prevented by his father's political affiliations.

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